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Scientia Silvae Sinicae ›› 2010, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (6): 138-145.doi: 10.11707/j.1001-7488.20100622

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Bud Micropropagation and Plantlet-transplanting Techniques for Breeding Cold-resistant strain of <i>Eucalyptus dunnii</i>

Song Jianying   

  1. <i>Department of Resources and Environment, Fujian Forestry Polytechnic Nanping</i> 353000
  • Received:2009-05-04 Revised:2010-03-21 Online:2010-06-25 Published:2010-06-25


This study used buds of <i>Eucalyptus dunnii, </i>that survived after the freezing disaster in the northern Fujian Province, as explants and employed micropropagation methods (shoot inducement, proliferation, rooting and plantlet hardening and so on) to breed coldresistant strain. An orthogonal experiment was used to screen the best media for each propagation stage. The results showed that: 1) Bud inducement was initiated on a MS medium containing 1.0 mg·L <sup>-1</sup> KT, 0. 05 mg·L <sup>-1</sup> NAA. The inducement rate of valid buds reached to 76%. 2) The shoots were subcultured and multiplied on an improved MS medium containing 0.8 mg·L <sup>-1</sup> KT, 0.1 mg·L <sup>-1</sup> NAA and 10 mg·L <sup>-1</sup> cysteine. The two media were modified by adding 30 g·L <sup>-1</sup> sucrose and adjusted to pH5.8. 3) Rooting medium was the half strength of MS medium supplied with 1.0~1.5 mg·L <sup>-1</sup> ABT and 0.01 mg·L <sup>-1</sup> IBA, with which the rooting rate was 84% in a two-step rooting method. This medium was modified by adding 20 g·L <sup>-1</sup> sucrose and adjusted to pH5.8. 4) Transplanting medium was a mixture of 20% bark, 30% husk, 40% sawdust, 28% peat moss and 2% composite fertilizers, and was used for transplanting the plantlets. The survival rate of the plantlets was 100% after transplantation, and 18% higher than that in the natural soil. Growth in height of the transplanted seedlings in the medium was 23.9 cm in 4 month and was 9.9 cm higher than that in the natural soil. The result showed that transplant survival rate of <i>E. dunnii</i> plantlets was much improved and seedlings grew more healthily and strongly in the light matrix.

Key words: <, i>, Eucalyptus dunnii, <, /i>, cold strain, induction, subculture, rooting, plantlet regeneration