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Scientia Silvae Sinicae ›› 2016, Vol. 52 ›› Issue (11): 11-18.doi: 10.11707/j.1001-7488.20161102

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Effects of Litter Manipulation on Soil Respiration in the Natural Forests and Plantations of Castanopsis carlesii in Mid-Subtropical China

Li Wei, Liu Xiaofei, Chen Guangshui, Zhao Benjia, Qiu Xi, Yang Yusheng   

  1. State Key Laboratory Breeding Base of Humid Subtropical Mountain Ecology School of Geographical Sciences, Fujian Normal University Fuzhou 350007
  • Received:2015-10-10 Revised:2016-10-15 Online:2016-11-25 Published:2016-12-16

Abstract: [Objective] We investigated the effects of litter manipulation on soil respiration in Castanopsis carlesii forest and C. carlesii plantation to provide a scientific basis for an estimate of carbon dioxide emission in forest soil for the global climate change in the future.[Method] Our experimental sites are located at the C. kawakamii Nature Reserve, Sanming, Fujian, China, where a C. carlesii forest (less man-made interference in recent 200 years) and a C. carlesii plantation (planted 50 years ago) were selected. We set 3 plots (20 m×20 m) in each forest. And each plot was set 9 subplots (1 m×1 m). A litter manipulation experiment (No Litter, NL; Double Litter, DL and Control, CK) was carried out in these subplots. Soil respiration was measured using a soil carbon flux system (LI-8100A) during the period from January 2013 to December 2014. Soil temperature and moisture were also monitored at the same time.[Result] The mean soil temperature of C. carlesii forest in NL, DL, and CK were 18.2, 18.05, and 17.98℃, respectively. And the mean soil temperature of C. carlesii plantation in NL, DL, and CK were 18.68, 18.70, and 18.76℃, respectively. The results showed that soil temperature did not change significantly among different sample plots. However, the soil temperature was significantly larger in plantation than in natural forest.Litter respiration increased significantly from 11.8% to 29.7% in C. carlesii plantation. DL significantly increased soil respiration by 25.2%(P<0.05)in C. carlesii forest, indicating priming effects. But there were no significant change in C. carlesii plantation with DL treatment, which had no priming effects. A very significant exponential relationship was founded between soil respiration and soil temperature at 5 cm soil depth in litter manipulation plots (P<0.001), while a significant linear relationship was found between soil respiration and soil moisture at 0-10 cm depth in all study plots (P<0.05).[Conclusion] The results suggested that increased litterin natural forest of Castanopsis carlesii least to priming effect on the soil respiration, but no significant impacts on soil respiration of plantations.

Key words: litter manipulation experiment, priming effect, soil respiration, Castanopsis carlesii, natural forest, plantation, Q10

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